Apprenticeship-style Yoga Teacher Training:

An apprenticeship-style, 200- hour yoga teacher training allows you to work at your own pace with a mentor where you can explore your relationship with the teachings in a deeply personal and transformative way. Reading and homework assignments include your own practice as well as observation. Contact hours integrate readings with physical practice- breathing, meditation techniques, postures, Ayurvedic education, subtle energy body awareness, and philosophy. Some or all of these can be completed via live video calls for long-distance students. 

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Advanced certification is also provided for current yoga teachers who wish to earn Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Credits (CECs) in Philosophy, Teaching Methodology, Ayurveda, Practices, and Subtle Energy Bodies.

Certification is offered for: Restorative Yoga, Yoga Nidra, Thai Massage, and Earth Wisdom practices.

Earth Wisdom teachings are offered at all levels of training. These gnostic and shamanic practices integrate natural cycles of light and dark, ebb and flow, growth and decay, energy and rest to support a deep, communal relationship with the Earth, life, and all beings.

Yoga Nidra training:  $150.00 (5 CECs) + 19.50 HST

Restorative Yoga Training: $400 + 52.00 HST for basic training (20 CECs) ; 750.00 + 97.50 HST for advanced training (40 CECs) 

Thai Massage Training: $1200 for basic training + 156.00 HST  ( 3 contact days +self- practice over approximately a 3 month period )

200- hour Yoga Teacher Training: $3200.00 + 416.00 HST or $800.00 + 104.00 HST per module (modules do not have to be completed in order and can be taken as stand-alone trainings)

Earth Wisdom Apprenticeship:  $250 + 32.50HST per module (includes practices that evolve over a month, supported by video call and PDF reference material)

Private Counseling is available to all beings: $60.00 per hour 

200 Hour Teacher Training Module 1: The Subtle Energy Body  (open to all beings- recommend this for everyone even if you never ever teach yoga)

Topics covered: self-care- breathing techniques to regulate the emotional body, navigating through the ebb and flow of natural energetic states, how to bring balance to extreme states, meditation techniques and practice, Ayurveda (the subtle energy of food), how to track the rise and flow of energy in the natural world and pace yourself around this, how to teach yourself to relax and centre, using mudras to increase concentration and access specific energies/emotions, the power of vibration (mantra and sound healing), and 

200 Hour Teacher Training Module 2: Physical Postures

Learn how to access free flowing energy through body alignment (asana) and the proper sequence of these poses as prescriptions for balancing your own unique energy

200 Hour Teacher Training Module 3: Anatomy

Increase your understanding of postures (asana) by learning the anatomy of the body. Learn how to modify postures to accommodate developing, injured, aged, pregnant, hyper-mobile, hyper-tense, and younger body types

200 Hour Teacher Training Module 4: Philosophy, Ethics, and Marketing

Archetypes are the hidden patterns in the consciousness that guide emotions, thoughts, and behaviour. Yogic philosophy is rich with animated and entertaining stories that share the spiritual and archetypal meaning behind the practice. Discover how to connect with yourself on a deeper level through unveiling these archetypes, searching for your own unique value system and create an ethical guideline for yourself and/or for your delivery of sharing these teachings with other. For those who are embarking on a yoga-related business, marketing and business ethics as well as tips for success will be covered.



$400.00 Includes Large Bolster and Training Manual

Next Date ** Spring 2018** 3 Sundays 11:30 am-6:30 pm, April 8, 15, and 22, 2018

Location: Hot Yoga Stoney Creek, 186 South Service Road Stoney Creek, Ontario L8E 3H6

Contact: to register

$100.00 deposit payable on or before March 25, 2018

$ 100.00 CAD

Please pay $100.00 non-refundable deposit to hold your space. This training is limited to 10 people.

Balance Due: April 8, 2018 or contact for payment plan option

$ 352 CAD

Balance owing on 400 +52 HST = 352.00

21-hour Restorative Teacher Training includes large bolster, online training manual. All Sundays; April 8, 15, and 22, 2018 from 11:30 am -6:30 pm

Location: Hot Yoga Stoney Creek, 186 South Service Road, Stoney Creek, ON L8E 3H6  (905) 662-9642


Fee: 400.00 + HST, Includes a Large Bolster, On-line Training Manual + Videos, and the Practice Teaching Option.

Deadline to Register: Sunday March 25, 2018. All Registrants must pay a deposit of $100.00 to hold their spot BEFORE Sunday, March 25, 2018.

Installment plans are available. Please contact Charlene Rennick  905 906 4315 or email: for questions.

During this training, you will learn how to set up classical restorative poses using props (blankets, blocks, bolsters, sand bags and eye pillows). You will be introduced to the sciences of fascia release, ayurveda, subtle body systems, chakras, the endocrine system, tantric philosophy and shamanic practices of Earth healing. We will use all of these modalities to bring a state of ease to the mind, body and spirit.

A Sample of the Curriculum:

1. set people up using the props; modify the set-up for injuries, pregnancy and different body types
2. make props out of everyday household items
3. learn how to protect yourself as a teacher from the energy people release when they are relaxing
4. become guides for people; hold space for them so they can relax and let go of tension
5. see how ayurveda is reflected in your students and in you as a teacher
6. practice teaching people how to set themselves up with the props
7. lead meditations that alternately cool, warm, collect, expand, relax, deepen people's awareness on an energetic and collective level while they are resting in the poses
8. structure, sequence, pick music for and develop your own class
9. stimulate the parasympathetic system so that the sympathetic system lets go of flight, fright and freeze mode (in other words how to get the body to stop operating in continue stress mode)
10. explore what chakras, koshas, nadis are and how they relate to the endocrine system, glands and internal organs

You do not have to be a yoga teacher to take this training. Anyone can learn how to create restorative space. This is very useful for anyone who is, to name a few examples, a caregiver, teacher, trainer, parent, counselor, nurse, friend.


Yoga Nidra Teacher Training, Saturday, June 16, 2018, 1:30- 6:30 pm

$ 169.50 CAD

Cost: 150 + 19.50 HST

Location: Hot Yoga Stoney Creek, 186 South Service Road, Stoney Creek, ON

905 662 9624

Yoga Nidra Teacher Training Saturday June 16, 2018. 1:30-6:30pm  ** This training is open to everyone.

Cost: $150.00 payable upon registration. Registration deadline: Monday, June 4, 2018

Contact: to register

Description: Yoga Nidra is the art of lucid dreaming. It is a method of activating the inherent potential we all have for remembering our soul's purpose and drawing it out of the subconscious realm. We can use Yoga Nidra to explore our layers of consciousness, plant specific goals or intentions into the deeper layers of our awareness, and break down obstacles, fears and emotions that prevent us from living out our fullest expressions of wholeness. 

In this training you will learn the 8 steps of Yoga Nidra facilitation and experience them via a Master class. You will take home scripts for Yoga Nidra via MP3 files and hard copy documents. You will also learn how to set up Nidra experiences for yourself and others using astrology and moon phases that support optimal lucid dreaming times of the month and year.


Advanced Philosophy, Meditation, Energy Awareness and Yoga Instruction

Fee: $75.00/hour (this can be private or shared between a maximum of 10 people at a time)

This training is for anyone who wishes to dive deeper into their spiritual journey of self-understanding through the spiritual practices of Bhakti yoga, Tantric philosophy and/or for yoga teachers who wish to deepen their connection to their students.