Public Yoga Schedule:


5:30-6:30 Core Vinyasa Flow- The Yoga Vine, 4973 King Street, Beamsville, ON

7:00-8:00 pm Restorative Yoga- The Yoga Vine, 4973 King Street, Beamsville, ON


7:30-8:30 pm  Restorative Yoga, All Levels @ The Energy Lab


9:40am-10:40am Slow Flow - The Energy Lab, Stoney Creek, 410 Lewis Rd #8, Stoney Creek, ON L8E 5Y7u


Private Yoga Instruction

Fee: $100.00/hour at your location. 

The foundation of Earth Wisdom Yoga is rooted in the traditional practices of Hatha yoga,meditation, pranayama (breath-work), mantra (vibration) and asana (postures). The instruction is authentic, interactive and taught from a deep well of personal experience and training.  Questions are always welcomed. A useful yoga practice is the result of honesty, integrity, communication and the commitment to continued self-awareness.


Why Practise Yoga?

Yoga reduces stress and builds strength from a physical, emotional and spiritual perspective. It teaches you how to become more aware of your breathing, your reactions, and the physical space you occupy. A more astute awareness of your energy and that of the world around you enhances your experience in your body. With that in mind, yoga is experienced by people in different ways depending on their physical body type, age, and desire for change. A yoga practice is unique to the individual and resembles what you need to deal with your life in a more complete way. No prior experience is necessary.

Private Yoga Instruction

Many people prefer the individual focus provided by private yoga sessions. If you feel you would like to learn before joining a group class, if you have a physical or emotional challenge that would be better addressed in confidence, if you need a particular time or day, or are shy about practising with other people, consider private instruction.

Restorative Yoga Therapy

Restorative yoga therapy gives the body the opportunity to release contraction, tightness, pain and stress. The sensitivity of the facilitator is fundamental in establishing trust and holding space for the client to fully relax. The room needs to feel just warm enough, have plenty of fresh air, candlelight and an overall feeling of safety. Through the use of blankets, yoga blocks, supportive bolsters and sand/seed bags, a supportive position for the skeleton is built. This supportive foundation signals the parasympathetic nervous system that the body is in a safe place. Sympathetic nervous system functioning (fight, flight or freeze response) is relaxed and your body's systems start to return to a normal, 'non-stressed' state.

What Does Stress Do?

Stress causes muscles to grip the skeleton tightly, acid and bile to build up in the stomach, blood vessels to constrict, mucus to block passages, insomnia, slowed metabolism, eating disorders and a whole host of other physical, emotional and spiritual illnesses. The result of a restorative yoga practice is a deeper relaxed state of being that transfers beyond the superficial muscles to the vital organs of the body and to the spirit itself.


Meditation is not a process of emptying of the mind or of removing emotion but is a way of creating a deeper awareness of thoughts, feelings and images and then allowing them to flow through your awareness without getting attached to them, creating a story around them or letting them become your identity. It is learning to observe without self-judgement. It is a skill that can be developed with practice. 

Meditation is the art of restoring a more peaceful, a compassionate thinking pattern in the mind. There are many meditative tools that can be used to restore unity between the mind and the body; breathing patterns are one of the simplest. Breath meditation brings about an overall sense of calm well-being to the mind because it helps de-emphasize the mental patterns at the same time as it emphasizes attention to simple physical sensations in the body. 

Busy schedules, responsibilities, stress, trauma and over-stimulation create deeply ingrained, attention-deficit style, negative thinking patterns. Ideas and emotions are compressed into the mind without space in between them. The thoughts have no room to settle, conclude or be seen as single ideas and allowed to pass when they are no longer useful.  

Repetitive negative thinking patterns create stress as do unfinished ideas and unresolved emotions. Meditation facilitates the release of chronic gripping on thoughts and helps to establish some space between emotions. Instead of re-living the drama of traumatic or stressful events, the art of creating space in the mind helps to put distance between the individual reaction to the event and the event itself. This alleviates the intensity of negative or painful emotions which is exceptionally valuable when the event is beyond the control of the individual.

Meditation can be learned and self-administered anywhere that you can find a place to sit down for a moment. With regular practice, you can de-stress yourself using breathing techniques, prepare for a more restful sleep, and discover a more peaceful relationship with your true self and your surroundings. 

For coaching or for a group meditation, call 905 906 4315 and ask for Charlene