Ayurvedic Health Consultation

Optimal health cannot be achieved without the scrutiny, will and action of the individual.

Ayurveda is an ancient, simple and practical science developed specifically to address how each individual reacts to the nature of their own physical constitution as it is expressed from season to season, day to day and in their time of life. Ayurveda is a system of holistic wellbeing that has been tried and tested over centuries and centuries by many people. It's aim is to tune each of us into the natural rhythms of the world we live in and to teach us how to transition through the fluctuations of weather, temperature, and length of day (to name a few examples) by observing the patterns in our own body.

The study of ayurvedic principles gives you the tools you need to recognize patterns that tell you when you are out of balance with the natural world as well as ways you can bring your body back into balance. Through a routine of self-observation you will learn how to treat imbalances in very holistic, practical and inexpensive ways. Through this kind of knowledgeable self-study, you can keep your body in balance and prevent illnesses of the body and mind from manifesting.

Ayurveda is a deep connection to yourself and to the elements in the world that sustains you.

As an example, through an ayurvedic lens, everything from digestive upset to anger issues, from slow metabolism to depression, from dry skin to anxiety can be brought into balance and soothed. 

Ayurvedic Consultation: $150.00 (this includes 40 days of post-consultation support and the initial consultation) 

In this consultation, you will learn basic observational and measurement techniques and ways to balance yourself. The fee covers any additional questions you may have after the consultation.

Ayurvedic Health Consultation

$ 169.50 CAD

150.00+ 19.50 HST

Includes a 90 minute personal interview and 40 days of post-interview support.  Extra time can be added to the personal interview at the rate of 75.00 per hour or part thereof. 

Thai Massage

Thai Massage is a holistic massage that addresses the entire body. It is based on Sen Lines or energy lines used by the body for energy flow. Stress, tension,injuries, lack of mobility, age, illness, nutritional deficiencies, scar tissue, and other issues can block the flow of the body's energetic transfer systems and deplete the body of its resources.

The techniques of Thai massage massage, stretch, and release tightness and blockages from around the joints, within the muscles, throughout the energetic systems. The results are a deep sense of relaxation, mobility, fluidity, and well-being.

The massage is done on a thick mat on the floor; you will be supported with pillows and blankets. The sequence flows over the entire body including head, hands, and feet. You will need to wear comfortable, flexible-type clothing.

Cost: 120.00 for 90 minutes.

90-minute Thai Massage

$ 120.00 CAD

HST extra