Thai Massage

Thai Massage is a holistic massage that addresses the entire body. It is based on Sen Lines or energy lines used by the body for energy flow. Stress, tension,injuries, lack of mobility, age, illness, nutritional deficiencies, scar tissue, and other issues can block the flow of the body's energetic transfer systems and deplete the body of its resources.

The techniques of Thai massage massage, stretch, and release tightness and blockages from around the joints, within the muscles, throughout the energetic systems. The results are a deep sense of relaxation, mobility, fluidity, and well-being.

The massage is done on a thick mat on the floor; you will be supported with pillows and blankets. The sequence flows over the entire body including head, hands, and feet. You will need to wear comfortable, flexible-type clothing.

Cost: 120.00 for 90 minutes.

Thai Massage 90 minutes

$ 135.60 CAD

120.00 + 15.60 HST

for 90 minute Thai Massage.