February 5, 2018 8-9 pm: Salt Cave Meditation at Healing Salt Cave, Redmond Drive Hamilton ON

Earth Wisdom Retreat- Sunday June 5, 1-5 pm 2016-Moon Astrology, Activating Lunar Energy, Yoga Nidra

$ 79.00 CAD

This Earth Wisdom Retreat is located at 188 Green Mountain Road East, Hamilton ON L8J 3A4

Questions? email: charlene.rennick@gmail.com

Earth Wisdom Retreat - Moon Astrology, Activating Lunar Energy, Yoga Nidra

1:00- 5:00 pm Sunday June 5, 2016 

Cost: $79.00 + HST   **EARLY BIRD SPECIAL $69.00 + HST before May 22**

Join Charlene Rennick Anderson for an afternoon of earth wisdom, gentle exploration, a little astrology and lots self-nourishment.

Charlene will share how the phases of the moon can affect your energy, emotions and sleeping patterns. She will show you how to recognize the lunar and solar energy in your own body, mind and spirit. You will become re-acquainted with ancient practices of timing, and be given some tools for planning so that your actions are in tune with the natural cycle of the moon.

This day retreat lands on Sunday June 5 during the lunar phase that is most conducive for manifesting creative energy or planting a seed (literally in your garden or symbolically in your psyche). This is called, Dark Moon Time.

Lunar practices are cooling, soothing and restful. These are much needed as we head into the warmest time of the year.

Schedule: 1:00 pm Greet and Get Comfortable, Moon Teachings, Natural Cooling Practices for Self-Care

2:00 pm Tarot card pull, journal/connect time, guided meditation

3:00 pm Light Nourishment

3:30 pm Yoga Nidra (lucid dreaming as we lay ourselves over plush cushions, cocooned in soft blankets, bask in warm candlelight, and connect to our deeper self)

5:00 pm Gift to Take Home