Yoga Nidra Training Sunday December 3, 12-6pm 2017

$ 141.25 CAD

Location: Yoga City Mississauga

6509C Mississauga Road, Mississauga ON L5N1A6

Cost: 125.00 +HST (141.25)


Yoga Nidra Teacher Training Sunday December 3, 2017 12-6   ** This training is open to everyone.

Cost: $125.00 (141.25 includes HST) Register directly at YogaCity Mississauga, 6905C Mississauga Road, Mississauga ON

Description: Yoga Nidra is the art of lucid dreaming. It is a method of activating the inherent potential we all have for remembering our soul's purpose and drawing it out of the subconscious realm. We can use Yoga Nidra to explore our layers of consciousness, plant specific goals or intentions into the deeper layers of our awareness, and break down obstacles, fears and emotions that prevent us from living out our fullest expressions of wholeness. 

In this training you will learn the 8 steps of Yoga Nidra facilitation and experience them via a Master class. You will take home scripts for Yoga Nidra via MP3 files and hard copy documents. You will also learn how to set up Nidra experiences for yourself and others using astrology and moon phases that support optimal lucid dreaming times of the month and year.

Earth Wisdom Retreat- Sunday June 5, 1-5 pm 2016-Moon Astrology, Activating Lunar Energy, Yoga Nidra

$ 79.00 CAD

This Earth Wisdom Retreat is located at 188 Green Mountain Road East, Hamilton ON L8J 3A4

Questions? email:

Earth Wisdom Retreat - Moon Astrology, Activating Lunar Energy, Yoga Nidra

1:00- 5:00 pm Sunday June 5, 2016 

Cost: $79.00 + HST   **EARLY BIRD SPECIAL $69.00 + HST before May 22**

Join Charlene Rennick Anderson for an afternoon of earth wisdom, gentle exploration, a little astrology and lots self-nourishment.

Charlene will share how the phases of the moon can affect your energy, emotions and sleeping patterns. She will show you how to recognize the lunar and solar energy in your own body, mind and spirit. You will become re-acquainted with ancient practices of timing, and be given some tools for planning so that your actions are in tune with the natural cycle of the moon.

This day retreat lands on Sunday June 5 during the lunar phase that is most conducive for manifesting creative energy or planting a seed (literally in your garden or symbolically in your psyche). This is called, Dark Moon Time.

Lunar practices are cooling, soothing and restful. These are much needed as we head into the warmest time of the year.

Schedule: 1:00 pm Greet and Get Comfortable, Moon Teachings, Natural Cooling Practices for Self-Care

2:00 pm Tarot card pull, journal/connect time, guided meditation

3:00 pm Light Nourishment

3:30 pm Yoga Nidra (lucid dreaming as we lay ourselves over plush cushions, cocooned in soft blankets, bask in warm candlelight, and connect to our deeper self)

5:00 pm Gift to Take Home


20-Day Online Sadhana (Self-Study) ~ Creating Positive Energy, Strength and Abundance

with Charlene Anderson

Live and/or recorded classes you can access from anywhere in the world!!

Includes: 3- 1 hour Live (and recorded) classes

Daily transformational practices

Mantra, Guided Meditation and Breath-work

Teachings from the Vedas and Tantras

What You Will Need:

1. Access to a computer, iPad, iPhone or regular telephone

2. A Facebook account and/or email account



Date: January 8-27, 2014

To Register: (or for more information) email Charlene Anderson at

During this 20-day Sadhana (inner study), we will look into the roots of spiritual strength using teachings from the Vedas, Tantras and Upanishads. We will use the traditional practices of mantra (sound vibration), meditation, and pranayama (breath-work) to deepen our experience and create positive change in our state of being.

The theme for this Sadhana is creating positive energy and an inner state of abundance. 

All live classes will be available as a recording and can be accessed at any time, anywhere. You can choose to study on your own or through the power of group sangha (community) via a closed and private Facebook group page.