Earth Wisdom Mystery School presents: Elemental Coherence, A Study of the 5 Elements as Bodies of Wisdom

Over the course of 5 hours of content, delivered every 6.5 weeks, for the period of one year, participants will absorb and study the content at their pace. Materials are theirs to keep. 

Participants will learn how the 5 elements (space, air, fire, water, and earth) are experienced as the organs of perception, as sensations and as pathways of intelligence leading to a deeper sense of embodied wholeness. 

Elemental Coherence: An Embodied Study of the 5 Elements

What is Coherence?

A state of internal harmony, experienced as a state of feeling unified

What are the 5 Elements?

Space (consciousness/awareness), Air (thoughts), Fire (inspiration), Water (emotions), Earth (physical body)

What Does Embodiment Mean?

Embodiment is a practice that creates a concrete or perceptible feeling in your physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual body. This is includes your body of consciousness.

What is Earth Wisdom?

Earth Wisdom is a collection of ancient and current practices that connect us to the earth and simultaneously, re-connect us to our own sovereignty, wholeness, and sacredness. The spiritual teachings help us to re-claim parts of our psyche that have splintered leaving us feeling unworthy, exhausted, isolated, and/or helpless. The elements are tangible, visible, and nonjudgemental. They bring us back into relationship with ourselves and with the planet we co-thrive upon. 

How Will We Do This?

Video recorded teachings, guided journeys, and meditations are posted on a private and closed YouTube channel. Any documents/PDFs will be delivered to your email as will the link to the YouTube channel. Recordings include: stories, history, breathing techniques, mudras (hand gestures that can be felt in the body, like tiny yoga postures), and demonstrations that assist you to set up creative, sacred space that will change with the seasonal rhythms of the Earth. PDFs include: seasonal Ayurvedic recipes, plant allies (seasonal herbal support), companion documents to the videos, archetypal stories, Celtic High Holy Day rituals, and Wheel of the Year gnostic teachings.

What is My Time Investment?

You will receive approximately 5 hours of material every 6 1/2 weeks. You can use the material to create a daily routine that lasts as long as you like. The program is designed to take you on a one-year journey with all 5 elements through all of their seasonal rhythms and changes. The material will be packaged in 6 1/2 week increments, timed to deliver to you 8 times over the wheel of the year. 

How Much Will This Cost?

You may sign up for the whole year: $441.00 (SAVE $63.00)

or, for one 6 1/2 week package at a time: $63.00 per package

Earth Wisdom: Elemental Coherence is ongoing- you may register at any time

Register by scrolling down and submitting your payment

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What Will You Receive? 

  • 5 CEC credits per 6.5 week package
  • A recorded video presentation that gives you a historical idea of the element prevalent in that season and how to explore it through the lens of mythology, Ayurveda (the science of physical self-healing using the 5 elements), and archetypal wisdom
  • 2 guided meditations, based on lunar cycles and to assist you with observing how the element can be experienced in your physical, mental, emotional, experiential, and consciousness body
  • A video presentation of how to make and the use mudras associated with the element and a WordDoc explanation
  • A video instruction of the breathing technique and a WordDoc expansion of this technique
  • A PDF with seasonal herb lore and support
  • A PDF with a few recipes that pacify, stimulate or balance the element in your body
  • A PDF with ideas for self-reflection and archetypal wisdom to infuse your meditation practice or to spark your enthusiasm for journaling
  • A one-time video instruction to support your finding of a comfortable mediation posture
  • A one-time PDF outline of how to create sacred space in your home for meditation with the element____________________________________________

Elemental Coherence: An Embodied Study of the 5 Elements - One Full Year

$ 441.00 CAD

This option saves you 63.00 dollars and earns you 60 Continuing Education Credits via Yoga Alliance.

Registration for One 6.5 week Elemental Coherence: An Embodied Study of the 5 Elements

$ 63.00 CAD

This option is for people who want to pay for one 6.5 week study at a time. The recommendation is to sign up for all 8 and save 63.00.

Wheel of the Year- Understanding the Ancient Celtic Earth Wisdom

In this apprenticeship, you will learn how to connect to the lunar cycles, prepare ritual space (cleanse, fortify, nourish, and clear), learn the Celtic High Holy day wisdom, create vision boards, manifest a clear sense of your purpose, and understand the effect of the seasonal rhythms through your physical, emotional, intellectual and subtle spiritual or energetic body.

These tutorials will include video guidance, PDFs, practical exercises, herbal lore, guided meditations and (optional) tarot support.

Per Lunar Month- 69.00

Per 13 moon cycle (one turning of the wheel of the year) 799.99 (save 98.00)

One Lunar Earth Wisdom Unit

$ 69 CAD

This tuition covers one lunar cycle and all the practices embodied within it.

One Wheel of the Year Apprenticeship

$ 799.00 CAD

This tuition covers 13 lunar cycles and the practices embodied within it.

Intuitive Tarot Reading

$ 75 CAD

10-card Celtic cross intuitive, mythic Tarot reading. Takes approximately 60 minutes.

Natal Wheel Chart and Analysis

$ 220.00 CAD

With your time, date and place of birth, a full blueprint of your soul's journey can be discovered and shared. These insights are truly mind-blowing. The fee covers the analysis and one hour of in-person interpretation.