Earth Wisdom Teachings

Internal harmony comes from a cohesive flow of energy. This energy has many attributes: it is at once, creative, stable, strong, intuitive, compassionate, playful, self-aware and intelligent. The Cosmos has this energy; so do humans, and the natural world. When we understand that are a mix of these many states of being, we feel expansive, more joyful, less stressed, have better relationships and are more tolerant of ourselves and others. Tolerance is not the same thing as victimhood. Tolerance comes from being deeply rooted in the energy of the cosmos, in something that is bigger than we are but that is also accessible if we choose to study it, pay attention to it, honour it and practice stewardship, service to it. Connecting to the earth energy or Anima Mundi, offers us a stable grounding and place to come back to when the flow of life seems tough, unfair, or when it touches the wounds we carry deep in our psyches.

The Ancients practiced observation. They watched the phases of the moon, the constellations, the behaviour of people, crops and animals during these phases and looked for patterns. Their existence depended on understanding weather, relationships and the shifting of the earth's energies. While we have gained much mastery over these, we have also lost the first-hand experience, the intimate touch, the beauty of nurturing another, and the pleasure that comes from direct connection to Source.

Astrology is a study and interpretation of the patterns of Nature and the evolution of human consciousness over thousands of years. The original Tarot deck was born from complex and multi-layered dialogues based on hundreds of years of observation and archetypal energies. It was believed that the patterns and relationships of the fluctuating energies in the Universe affected people in very distinctive and unique ways. A map of how these affected each person was called a Natal Chart: it is a complete map of the entire solar system on the day that the child's spirit entered the body. Years ago, these were presented to parents upon the birth of a child to be used as guidance throughout life. Tarot readings were used as a method of opening up an authentic dialogue, (much like counseling today) creating a golden thread through which the labyrinth of the soul's journey could be understood better.

Chakras are specific energy centres in the body. Similar to your endocrine system or your digestive system, when one isn't working properly, the others are affected. Chakra healing balances energy centres using elemental therapy. (sound vibration, aromatherapy, guided meditation, crystals and herbs)

IntuitiveTarot Reading: $60.00 + HST

Chakra Healing: $60.00 + HST

Complete Natal Chart: $120.00 + HST ( includes a personal consultation)

Introductory Natal Chart: $60.00 +HST

Earth Wisdom Teachings: Look under the Events Tab on the Menu. These include half-day retreats, Dark Moon/Full Moon ceremonies, Seasonal/Cosmic event workshops, Intensives for Specific Teachings.   

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Complete Natal Wheel

$ 120.00 CAD

Intuitive Tarot Reading or Chakra Healing or Introductory Natal Wheel

$ 60.00 CAD